Meeting Katrina and Puerto Rico rescue dogs

Lily has been feeling better and so we took her to one of her favorite places…Red River Beach.

Dogs are not allowed on the beach in the summer, but there is a long parking lot adjacent to the beach and in the early evenings, lots of dogs and their people go there. It is a very beautiful spot and we met some friendly people walking dogs with interesting backgrounds.

Molly the lab/hound mix is a Katrina rescue. She was adopted by a very nice couple who saw her picture on the internet. She was very anxious when they first brought her to the beach…maybe it brought back bad memories from her past…but she soon made good friends with a dog who was able to show her how much fun the ocean can be. Now she loves the water and her people have a hard time getting her out when it is time to leave.

Little Edie was rescued from a hard life on the streets in Puerto Rico. I have read articles about the amazing work being done by some of the animal rescue groups in Puerto Rico and it was nice to actually meet a dog who had been adopted from one of these groups.

It’s interesting to think about the conversations that these formerly homeless animals would have if they got together.

Although I imagine they prefer not to look back, but rather, as animals do so well, to focus on the present and living life to the fullest.