The Sugar Cube that Never Melts

My favorite nickname for my cat Chloe is Pops. It is actually short for Sugarpops.

If you knew her, you would see why. She is a small, all white cat with beautiful gold eyes and a tiny pink nose. Ever since she was rescued as a tiny kitten, she has been the sweetest presence in the house. I call her my sugar cube that never melts.

Kate’s nickname is Loretta. She was rescued from a feral cat feeding station and for the first year she lived with us, she did her own thing. She was always on the go and seemed to know exactly what she wanted to do. The name Loretta just seemed to fit.

She has changed quite a bit since that first year, though. She connects much more with people now and is always the first one to greet whoever walks through the door. And she loves to be massaged and brushed. She probably needs a new nickname now, but I don’t plan on changing it. She’ll always be Loretta to me.

What about your animal companions? I would love to hear how they got their names –or nicknames!