Pet friendly travel. Lily takes to the highway.

My sister and Lily stayed with me last week on their cross country trek to San Diego. They will be staying there for the winter.

It was so much fun to have them here. Lily was originally adopted from Noah’s Ark Animal Shelter here in Fairfield in 1999. Her best friend at the shelter was another sweet, little dog named Shanti. Shanti lives with her people here in town. We brought the 2 dogs together for a reunion one morning. It was hard to tell if they remembered each other or not. They are both pretty shy and Lily especially bonds more with people than with dogs.

But the local paper came and took some pictures and an article appeared on the front page of the paper the following day highlighting the reunion between the 2 old friends.

Today Lily is taking in the Grand Canyon and will be arriving in San Diego on Saturday for her warm winter retreat. I am looking forward to hearing about the dynamic duo’s continuing adventures!!