Lily has incident with elevated liver enzymes

Just as we were leaving for Boston on Friday nite before Labor Day, Lily started throwing up. It was quite intense and was followed by alot of drooling.

We brought her to a 24 hour emergency animal hospital in Dennis. After a wait of a few hours, we were seen and a blood sample was taken. By that time, she had stopped vomiting, drooling, and actually looked pretty good.

The blood work came back showing her very dehydrated and with 2 liver values out of the normal range. We opted to watch her carefully over the weekend and then bring her to her own vet the next week.

The follow up blood work showed hydration was normal, and although one of the liver values was a bit high, her vet said that it was not unexpected for her age and was still in the normal range.

So, another mystery acute illness. We all think that she ate something bad outside when we weren’t looking, but have no idea what.

It is great to have a Veterinary Emergency clinic. You could end up waiting a long time to be seen, as there is often only one vet on call and they will take critical emergencies first.

Still reassuring to have this available as I am sure all the people filling the waiting room on Labor Day weekend were feeling.

Another glorious day on Cape Cod

Well, here I am back on Cape Cod for the month of September.

It is a beautiful sunny day…hope we have lots more like it this month. It is pretty much perfect.

After the health challenges that Lily had last summer, I was so happy to see how healthy and happy she is. She really looks wonderful…she is her old self again.

We went to West Dennis Beach over the weekend and she walked on the stone pier…one of her favorite things to do. I think it is a Basenji thing. But whenever she sees a wall, she loves to jump up and run along it.

She also was chasing birds on Lily’s Beach yesterday morning. She likes to watch them fly off. We went down to see the high tides after Tropical Storm Hanna, but the storm pretty much passed us by, which was great. Lots of rain on Saturday, but it did not intensify as had been predicted.

I am looking forward to many more adventures with Lily the wonder dog in the coming weeks.

Kitty is quite the little biter

This week I am fostering Gracie, a 2 month old kitty for a friend.

It’s been awhile since I have had such a young kitty and I forgot how sharp their teeth and little claws can be! I have done a little research on the web regarding training kitties not to bite or scratch.

What I have read makes alot of sense, although it is much more difficult when I try to put it into practice. If I stop playing with Gracie whenever she bites me, she will immediately find something else to amuse her, and at this age-that is pretty much everything!

I know it is a matter of being consistent and just to prove that she really is listening, she just jumped up on the desk and is sweetly laying quietly between the keyboard and the mouse, purring up a storm.

Wow….whoever adopts Gracie is going to be one lucky person. She is such a honey.

Best dog quotes ever

Every once in a while, I come across a great quote that expresses “the bond” between people and animals. Here is the latest one I just discovered.

The bond of a true dog is as lasting as the ties of this earth can ever be.

(Konrad Lorenz)

Oprah went vegan: Will fans follow?

A friend sent me this cool article this morning:

Nearly everything Oprah Winfrey does is newsworthy—and what she eats is no exception. When she announced on her show that she was going to forgo all animal products—as well as wheat, alcohol, caffeine and sugar—for three weeks in order to become a more “conscious eater,” I heaved a huge sigh of relief. I’ve been trying to convince people to go vegan for more than 16 years, but my voice is merely a whisper compared to that of the queen of daytime TV. When Oprah speaks, people listen. Even if only a fraction of Oprah’s fans are motivated to try a vegan diet—for three weeks, three months or forever—it will make a world of difference for animals, for people and for the planet.
So far, Oprah is not only embracing her vegan experience, she’s raving about it.
During the first week of Oprah’s “cleanse,” vegan chef Tal Ronnen—who graduated from New York City’s Natural Gourmet Institute and started the nonprofit program Veg Advantage to help food-service professionals integrate vegetarian options into their menus—prepared a meal that had Oprah gushing about being “baptized in Vegan Land.” “Wow, wow, wow!” she wrote in her blog on “I never imagined meatless meals could be so satisfying.”
On day four of the 21-day cleanse, Oprah said, “I just cleaned my dinner plate, down to the last grain of brown rice left under my oh-so-deliciously seasoned soy chicken. I cannot believe how tasty, spicy and wonderful it all was. I’m ever more surprised at how I don’t miss anything and feel so satisfied at every meal.”
In her blog, Oprah opens up about her quest to find a higher level of awareness and explains what has influenced her to become a more conscious eater. She raises one particularly insightful point, something I hope others will ponder too: “How can you say you’re trying to spiritually evolve without even a thought about what happens to the animals whose lives are sacrificed in the name of gluttony?”
The answer, I believe, is simple: You can’t. Animals must be included in our efforts to make the world a more peaceful place and Oprah is setting a great example. Animals feel pain every bit as much as we do, are terrified by the sights and smells of the slaughterhouse and are afraid to die. Yet every year, billions of them are confined to feces-filled cages, stalls and sheds, separated from their families, mutilated—without the use of painkillers—and killed. Many are scalded alive or dismembered while they’re still conscious.
Only time will tell if Oprah will remain vegan—or at least eat significantly less meat, eggs and cheese—after her 21-day cleanse, but her food revelations will likely have a profound effect on the way many Americans eat. We may not all have a personal chef preparing meals for us, but anyone can whip up simple vegan fare like mock meatloaf, grilled vegetable skewers and black bean chili. Since vegan foods are cholesterol-free, low in saturated fat and higher in fiber, they’re a healthier alternative to animal products. And by going vegan, we can help reduce pollution and greenhouse-gas emissions, and we can each save more than 100 animals every year.
So, follow in Oprah’s footsteps—at least for seven days. Take the one-week “veg pledge” on It’s easy. Oprah wouldn’t steer you wrong—and neither would I.

(Source: PETAPublished: Friday, June 27, 2008)

Animals in need due to the Iowa flooding

We live about an hour south of Iowa City where so much flooding has been going on. Cedar Rapids is an hour and a half north of here.

Today I read in that Petsmart Charities is helping with emergency pet supplies for the animals that are in need in those areas:

“PetSmart Charities will dispatch its Emergency Relief Waggin’ stocked with emergency pet supplies to Cedar Rapids, Iowa today to help the pet victims of recent flooding. The 53-foot trailer contains enough pet products, food and supplies to support up to 500 companion animals.”

Once again Petsmart Charities to the rescue…they are really doing some great work on behalf of animals in southeastern Iowa.

Dog Adoptions through Rescue Waggin’ are fabulous

I just went on our shelter ~the Noah’s Ark Animal Foundation ~ website and saw that a total of 189 dogs from southeast Iowa have been accepted in the Petsmart Charities Rescue Waggin’ program. This is really fantastic.

We have so many dogs that are abandoned around here and without the Rescue Waggin’, many of them would still be sitting in the shelter waiting for their forever home. There just are not enough good homes in this area for all the great dogs that, for one reason or another, have found themselves homeless.

The Waggin’ picks up dogs from the shelter once or twice a month and brings them to one of two shelters in WI where the adoption rate is very high. Most of the dogs are adopted within 48 hours. (amazing).

Being accepted into the program has really made a difference for the homeless dogs in our area! Programs like this show what can be accomplished when people work together for a good purpose.

Test showed blood in dog’s urine

Another one of our customers called this week to thank us for ThePetCheckup.

They were surprised to find that the test showed blood in their dog Emma’s urine. It was a moderate amount and after taking Emma to the vet, the diagnosis was a urinary tract infection. Because ThePetCheckup catches potential illnesses before symptoms appear, they were able to catch it very early and the treatment should be simple and effective.

Urinary tract infections in both dogs and cats are really common…wish there were some statistics to see if the numbers may be increasing. I know Kate had one awhile back…the only illness that she has ever had since she was rescued almost 2 years ago.

There are other causes for a positive test result for blood….stones, tumor, internal injuries–or even something as relatively harmless as chewing some tough grass that caused an irritation to the lining of the digestive system.

The important point is that blood is not normal in the urine and should always be checked out by a veterinarian.

Home pet health test kit scores high with Australian Department

About 10 days ago, we shipped ThePetCheckup kit to a customer in Australia. Although we have shipped to Australia many times, this package was held for 5 days by the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry.

They sent a letter to our customer who explained to them what was in the kit (a home urine test for dogs and cats) and the package was then released to her.

Apparently, the woman at the Department was very interested in ThePetCheckup as she has two cats — one who has a recurring bladder infection. Maybe she will become our next Australian customer!

Chloe has an ear infection

Chloe had her yearly veterinary exam last week…I brought her in a few months early as I suspected an ear infection–which she has.

She was prescribed Mometamax–4 drops per day for the infection. Chloe is extremely difficult when it comes to giving any type of medication. I think the memory of her early years when she was very sick and required alot of care have stayed with her. She seems to have a second sense when it comes to knowing I am about to give her medicine. She usually manages to outsmart me and the ear drops are no exception.

To make it even more difficult..the bottle that you are supposed to squeeze for the drops to come out is so stiff, you can hardly get anything out. I tried using another type of dropper, but that didn’t work either.

She may think she has won this round, but with an infection, I will have to persevere and find a way to get the drops in her.

Wish me luck!!