Pet Airways to launch more routes

I just watched a commercial on youtube for Pet Airways. It looks really great. They are planning on increasing the number of routes, so I hope it proves very successful. Right now they are booked up 2 months in advance and are planning on adding 20 more cities to their routes.

Even though the airlines is only for pets (their people cannot fly with them), it is so much better than the alternatives.

I flew with Lily back in 1999 when my sister first adopted her and all other possibilities to get her from Iowa to Massachusetts fell out. She travelled very well, all things considered…but I would never put an animal in cargo again.

I remember watching her carrier out the window of the plane as they were throwing luggage all around her. It was pretty stressful. But she seemed to know that her forever family was waiting for her at the end of the trip and was extremely brave.

Even at Logan airport the day before Thanksgiving, she handled the crowds and the revolving doors without blinking an eye. It was a memorable trip….and a life-changing one for her. And a very sweet memory for me.