Puppy mills in Iowa

Last Saturday, Carol Griglione, the IA Director of HSUS came to Fairfield and spoke to a group of us about current legislation for animals in the state. We also addressed some of our biggest issues here in Fairfield and what actions we can take to strengthen local laws on animal cruelty.

One thing Carol said was that Iowa was third in the country in regards to having the most number of puppy mills. I knew MO was first, but didn’t realize Iowa was not much better.

There are some current puppy mill dogs at the Noah’s Ark shelter and I visited them this morning. They are very sweet and beautiful. 2 have already been spoken for and will soon be in their new homes. That means the shelter will be able to rescue more of these dogs.

Another statistic I found interesting was regarding contacting our state politicians on pertinent issues. As little as receving 5 phone calls is significant to them and they take these calls seriously.

Keep those phone calls coming!!!