Dogs forming struvite crystals

For some reason, we have been getting more questions than usual from people who’s dogs have a tendency to form crystals in their urine.

Actually it is fairly common for very tiny (microscopic) crystals to be present in dog and cat’s urine, but since they are flushed out in urination, they pose no health risk.

The problem starts when the stones start attaching themselves to each other and become larger.

Genetics cab play a part. It has been shown that dalmations, hounds, beagles and pugs are more susceptible.

The other 2 most common reasons for formation of crystals are:

1. Bacterial infections: they can cause the urine to be more alkaline which increases the risk of forming struvite crystals

2. Diet: foods high in protein can increase the mineral content in the animal’s urine

People who have dogs and cats with tendencies to form crystals pay close attention to diet and urine pH. Like many illnesses, practicing preventative health care and being pro-active can make a world of difference.