Understanding dog cat urine reagent tests

One thing to note about purchasing bottles of urine reagents (often called dip sticks) is that the reliability is compromised by the air, sunlight etc. every time the lid is opened.

Bottles of strips are made to be used up in 3-4 months. If the pet owner is testing often–every day or every other day as if often the case when an animal has been diagnosed with diabetes…then there will not be a problem.

But for preventative care, if the bottle is opened every few weeks, then in just a few months, they results may no longer be effective. That is why it is critical to have specially packaged test strips if you are using the strips to practice preventative medicine.

supporting The Magic Bullet Fund for Dogs with Cancer

I may have mentioned this before, but there is a wonderful organization that exists to financially help owners who have dogs that have been diagnosed with cancer.

They can’t help everyone in that situation of course, but they have been in existance for several years and have helped many people and animals.

Every dollar is helpful, so please check out http://www.themagicbulletfund.org/

I just received their email newsletter and there are 2 more dogs who are requiring assistance.

Dogs allowed on the Cape Cod beaches at long last!

Last Tuesday was a very auspicious day here on Cape Cod. In most areas, including Harwich Port, dogs are now LEGAL on the beach! Hooray!

The day after Labor Day is when most beaches allow dogs back on during the day. There are still some hold-out beaches who post September 15th and even September 30th, but they are the exception.

Lily and I celebrated on Tuesday by walking down to the beach. It was a lovely warm day, very few people on the beach and we had a great time. There will be many more beach walks with her before my trip is over and I look forward to all of them!

Wellness and preventative care for dogs and cats too

With all this talk about health care reform, there have been some very encouraging articles about companies that are implementing wellness programs and preventative care strategies for their employees.

Some of the things are so simple, yet really effective….encouraging people to use the stairs instead of elevators, taking the junk food out of vending machines, serving healthier snacks at meetings, etc.

It looks like there is going to be a big wave of people becoming more responsible for their own health. This will extend to the care of dogs and cats too which is really great.

Bladder infections in dogs are quite common and usually fairly easy to treat

Many of our customers tell us that regular use of ThePetCheckup helped them to catch bladder infections at a very early stage–when the infection was just beginning.

Bacteria in the bladder enters from the outside through the urethra. Treatment with antibiotics is usually pretty effective.

However, if the infection is stubborn or seems to return often, underlying causes need to be looked into.

Some of the most common underlying causes that need to be ruled out are: bladder stones, bladder cancer, Cushing’s disease and diabetes mellitus.

At home urine test for your dog and cat: review

Well, Hurricane Bill has moved on from the coast of Massachusetts and although the forecast was for rain today, the weather is gorgeous! Sunny and clear. Beautiful blue sky with scattered clouds.

The Red Sox beat the Yankees last nite 14-1 and we received a lovely testimonial for ThePetCheckup from a long time repeat customer:

Absolutely luv this kit have been using it for a while, easy, efficient and so forward.”

Looks like it is shaping up to be an excellent day!

Protein in dog’s urine

Another one of ThePetCheckup’s happy customers contacted me yesterday and told me how helpful our product was in keeping a close eye on protein level’s in her dog’s urine.

This is another great benefit of doing ThePetCheckup test monthly as protein in the urine should always be followed up by further investigation.

The most worrisome cause would be that there is a problem with the kidneys, but there are other illnesses (such as an inflammation) which can be treated successfully in the majority of cases.

And of course, the sooner these imbalances are detected, the better the outcome.

Pet Airways to launch more routes

I just watched a commercial on youtube for Pet Airways. It looks really great. They are planning on increasing the number of routes, so I hope it proves very successful. Right now they are booked up 2 months in advance and are planning on adding 20 more cities to their routes.

Even though the airlines is only for pets (their people cannot fly with them), it is so much better than the alternatives.

I flew with Lily back in 1999 when my sister first adopted her and all other possibilities to get her from Iowa to Massachusetts fell out. She travelled very well, all things considered…but I would never put an animal in cargo again.

I remember watching her carrier out the window of the plane as they were throwing luggage all around her. It was pretty stressful. But she seemed to know that her forever family was waiting for her at the end of the trip and was extremely brave.

Even at Logan airport the day before Thanksgiving, she handled the crowds and the revolving doors without blinking an eye. It was a memorable trip….and a life-changing one for her. And a very sweet memory for me.

Puppy mills in Iowa

Last Saturday, Carol Griglione, the IA Director of HSUS came to Fairfield and spoke to a group of us about current legislation for animals in the state. We also addressed some of our biggest issues here in Fairfield and what actions we can take to strengthen local laws on animal cruelty.

One thing Carol said was that Iowa was third in the country in regards to having the most number of puppy mills. I knew MO was first, but didn’t realize Iowa was not much better.

There are some current puppy mill dogs at the Noah’s Ark shelter and I visited them this morning. They are very sweet and beautiful. 2 have already been spoken for and will soon be in their new homes. That means the shelter will be able to rescue more of these dogs.

Another statistic I found interesting was regarding contacting our state politicians on pertinent issues. As little as receving 5 phone calls is significant to them and they take these calls seriously.

Keep those phone calls coming!!!

Treating cats with FIV

One of our customers contacted us to tell us how helpful ThePetCheckup has been in caring for her FIV cat.

Although FIV cats can certainly live normal, healthy lives, it is a good idea to be extra alert about safeguarding their immune system. As with any chronic illness, the immune system has to be supported to keep secondary infections and other potential diseases from developing.

And that is just what ThePetCheckup does! Gives an early warning that something may be developing with your dog or cat before outward symptoms appear.

Other preventative measures to take with FIV are to keep the cat inside the house and feed them the best quality diet you can. Of course, it is not that easy to get your cats to eat a high quality diet as Chloe and Kate would be the first to confirm.