Good news for former Michael Vick dog Lucas

Best Friends Animal Society ( had an update  this morning about Lucas.  He had exploratory surgery last week and the biopsy results were good!

The masses found in Lucas’ liver and spleen were not cancerous. His anemia that comes with having babesia will continue to be treated as it has been since he arrived at the Sanctuary.

I had never heard of babesia before, but it is a blood parasite that can be passed between dogs through deep puncture wounds, such as those inflicted during fighting. The condition can be managed with medication, but one of the side effects of babesia is anemia.

(from Best Friends) “He has been discharged from the clinic and back with his caregivers, where he’s getting his usual dose of TLC, with perhaps a tad more “T”!”

You can read more about this very special dog on the Best Friends website.