Home urine pet test creates long time customers

So nice to hear from one of our long term customers in Denver, CO.  We wish them all long and  happy lives together ~

(from J.I.) Kira continues to be in good health thanks to monthly urine checks with your supplies which allow me to catch any abnormalities. She still has 2 little kidney stones which have remained dormant since they were found with ultra sound 4 years ago. She gets the ultra sounds 2x/year. She also has her teeth cleaned annually under anesthesia. I think this is important to note because the first sign of crystals in her urine was picked up at her first dental cleaning during which she was found to have an infected abscessed tooth which was removed. Each year she also now has dental xrays with her cleanings. Finally she will continue for the rest of her life on her Science U/D prescription diet topped with chopped chicken and alittle cheese. Her urine tests over the last 5 years have been essentially negative with the only problem being controlling the pH of her urine. Thanks for all your support.