Monitoring glucose levels with ThePetCheckup

In September, when ThePetCheckup test showed Chloe was spilling moderate levels of Glucose into her urine, I brought her to the vet for further testing.  Sure enough, her glucose level was pretty high – 402.  We decided to treat her by diet and over 10 days both Chloe and Kate transitioned to a high protein, low carb canned food.

Yesterday, Chloe was retested and her glucose level is in the normal range.  I’m so proud of the little peanut!  Our vet said to keep using ThePetCheckup to test her urine, and if it creeps up out of the negative range again, I’ll bring her in for a blood test. 

I’m also relieved that both Chloe and Kate are on canned food diets and how smoothly they adjusted. Next I’ll be checking into homemade diets and other possibilities while still keeping the protein/carbs ratio in line with diabetes.