Home urine pet test creates long time customers

So nice to hear from one of our long term customers in Denver, CO.  We wish them all long and  happy lives together ~

(from J.I.) Kira continues to be in good health thanks to monthly urine checks with your supplies which allow me to catch any abnormalities. She still has 2 little kidney stones which have remained dormant since they were found with ultra sound 4 years ago. She gets the ultra sounds 2x/year. She also has her teeth cleaned annually under anesthesia. I think this is important to note because the first sign of crystals in her urine was picked up at her first dental cleaning during which she was found to have an infected abscessed tooth which was removed. Each year she also now has dental xrays with her cleanings. Finally she will continue for the rest of her life on her Science U/D prescription diet topped with chopped chicken and alittle cheese. Her urine tests over the last 5 years have been essentially negative with the only problem being controlling the pH of her urine. Thanks for all your support.

Pet test at home kit alerts to urinary tract infections

“I would LOVE to recommend this product!!! My 4 1/2 year old “Princess” has had horrible problems with urinary tract infections and crystal formations in the past.

Before I had heard of ThePetCheckup, I had to just wait until she showed signs of straining or had accidents in the house! Now that I regularly use ThePetCheckup, I can catch any irregularities before she shows signs of pain.

Thank you for giving me peace of mind with the ThePetCheckup!”
—Terri Upchurch, Raleigh, NC

Testimonials for pet urine at-home test kit

I just wanted to let you know that your product is wonderful.

I always tell my veterinarians about it and hope that they will incorporate it into their businesses.  It’s such a nice feeling to take extra care with your pet,  and it’s an easy thing to do between routine veterinary visits.

MB, Boston, MA

Urine reagent strips for dogs and cats

One of our repeat customers asked about shipping ThePetCheckup refills during their  hot Texas weather.  They were concerned that the extreme temperatures might affect the accuracy of the test results.

While urine reagent test strips can be affected by very extreme heat such as a direct blast from a heat seal gun, TPC strips will not be affected by weather.  The special packaging of each test strip ensures their accuracy for home testing.

This packaging was critical in the development of the product.

Catching dog kidney infection at an early stage

Detecting a dog’s kidney infection at an early stage is critical as, left untended, it may lead to kidney failure.

Treatment at an early stage usually means oral antibiotics and a re-test in a few weeks to make sure the infection is gone.  Just like with people, it is important to do the entire course of treatment that is prescribed by your veterinarian.

Beautiful reminders after your dog or cat’s death

Over the years, I have read many words meant to comfort the loss of an animal companion.  Some helped.  Some not so much.  I know it is a subjective thing.

But I recently saw a page on www.olddoghaven.org that really spoke to me deeply and I wanted to share it.  There is a great deal of wisdom and truth here and well-written.  It is not easy to put these feelings into words.

Here is the link:

ThePetCheckup pet urine test especially helpful in extreme weather conditions

With the excessively warm weather that many of us are enduring, it is important to keep a close eye on our pets.

In the high humidity, most dogs and cats are pretty lethargic – spending more time sleeping and resting.  It is important to make sure that there is not an underlying cause for the lethargy such as a kidney or urinary tract infection.

Using ThePetCheckup monthly is important any time of year, but especially so in extreme weather conditions that could be masking a potential problem.

Test pet at home urine kit helps identify urinary infection

We received a sweet testimonial from someone today regarding her 18 year old cat. 

ThePetCheckup test showed high values of protein, blood and pH and her person took her to the emergency vet clinic and showed them the test results.  They were able to pinpoint the cause right away and give her meds.

“With an older kitty, you have to act quickly.  Your test kit allowed me to do that. Bless you for making such a great product.  C.D., Katy, TX

Urine test at home kit for pets

Here are answers to some questions that we get asked about our product ThePetCheckup.

ThePetCheckup urine test for dogs and cats contains 8 complete tests.  Each test strip is individually sealed to provide accurate test results. Right now we are shipping product with an expiration date of 6/2013.  It is the same test for dogs and cats.

Once you have purchased ThePetCheckup complete kit, you can buy refills in quantities of 6, 12, and 24. We have kept the prices as low as possible to make sure the kit is affordable.

Have a great July 4th weekend!

Early detection for canine diabetes

“ThePetCheckup helped us to detect that Mr. Bean at 18 years of age had developed diabetes.”
— Joan M.,  Centerville, IA