When you test your dog or cat on a monthly basis with ThePetCheckup, you are giving your animal the health (and life) saving advantage of early detection.

Over the years, we have found there is a basic “profile” that describes the vast majority of our customers. Most significantly, they are proactive with their own health as well as their animal’s health. They understand the importance of early detection and the inherent difficulty in knowing if their animal is experiencing an underlying health problem.

Our customers also tend to view themselves as “partners” with their veterinarians ~ a member of their animal’s health care team. Most of them have found veterinarians who have this same philosophy and this provides a strong foundation in caring for the animal.

Many of our customers have gone through various illnesses with their animals and tend to be extremely knowledgeable about treatment options. They often practice a combination of traditional and alternative medicine treatments.

And they are very open to learning new things about caring for their dogs and cats and sharing what they have learned with others who may be experiencing the same type of health challenge.

One of the pleasures in developing ThePetCheckup has been the opportunity to come in contact with so many smart, loving and caring people. This is not really a surprise, since realistically, not everyone is going to want to test their animal’s urine. Still, it is always reassuring and comforting on a deep level to see how many wonderful animal guardians are out there and to hear their stories.

Bev Allen

It is always better to prevent a disease,
or to catch it early, than to have to treat it at a later stage.