Collecting a urine sample from your dog or your cat

Our customers are always sharing with us their methods of collecting urine samples from their dogs and cats for their monthly ThePetCheckup test.

One of my favorites so far is a woman who said she uses the little plastic grease collectors that come with the George Foreman grill.

(Note: if you use this method, be sure to wash the “collectors” in hot water in between tests!!)

Practicing preventative health care with our dogs and cats

One of the great perks about being the owner of a company that sells a preventative health care product for pets is that I get to speak with lots of wonderful people about their dogs and cats.

Our customers tend to be people who share a deep bond with their animal companions. They practice preventative health care and understand the importance of early detection. It is always fun and also illuminating to share different ideas and products that we have found helpful in protecting our animals’ health. I have a bond with so many people throughout the world now who share many of the same values and goals for animals as I do.

Forward Thinking Animal Shelter in D.C.

My sister just sent me a link from USA Today about the Washington Animal Rescue League in Washington, D.C.

Their shelter recently underwent a huge renovation and built a cutting edge shelter to maximize successful adoptions as well as increase positive interaction with the public.

“Whatever circumstances landed them in a shelter – whether they were strays, abandoned, turned over by terminally ill owners or rescued from inhumane conditions – was traumatic for them,” says Scotlund Haisley, the executive director who persuaded his board to support a $4 million renovation. Every detail is intended not to pamper animals but to simply respond to their basic needs during the time when they have no home, no family and no ability to see or hope beyond the present.

With the in-residence animals experiencing less stress, remarkable things have been happening.

Adoptions have tripled since the renovation. And the atmosphere is so welcoming they are finding that people from the community come during their lunch breaks just to spend time with the animals.

Stories like this make me think there is really hope for the human race!