How it works

ThePetCheckup is an easy to use, early detection urinalysis test. When you give this home health screen to your dogs and cats on a regular basis (we recommend monthly) you can locate many common illnesses that affect their health—even before symptoms appear.

The same test materials in ThePetCheckup are used routinely in veterinary clinics. Now they are combined in a home health kit so that you can take a more active role in keeping your cats and dogs healthy and happy.

If a test result does indicate an abnormality, you will be able to get veterinary care before the problem becomes serious and more difficult to treat.

Early detection means:

    • Prevention of more serious illness
    • Simpler, more effective treatments
    • Less pain and discomfort for your pet
    • Less expensive treatments for you
    • Peace of mind

Give your animal friend and your veterinarian the advantage of early detection.

Reading the results is easy.

Just compare the test strip with the color bars shown on the color chart to evaluate the results. Click/tap image below.

Reading the ThePetCheckup test results.

Urine reagent strips are sensitive to the elements. Exposure to heat, moisture, light and even air lessen the accuracy of the strips. Once opened, a bottle of test strips will remain effective for just a few months. This is not a consideration in a veterinary clinic as the strips are used up quite quickly. ThePetCheckup™ test strips are individually packaged so that each strip will remain effective until the expiration date printed on each pouch. You simply tear open a new pouch each time you perform a test. There is no need to be overly concerned about the elements, although it is best not to do the test in direct sunlight.

Four easy steps is all it takes

  • 1. Getting Ready

    ThePetCheckup complete kit comes with a 6 month supply of test materials in individually sealed packets, a color chart to compare your test results and an easy to read instruction manual which guides you through the next 3 steps. The test materials consist of a reagent strip (commonly called a “dipstick”) which has 9 reagents or pads affixed to each strip and a disposable plastic dropper. The reagents change color when they come in contact with your pet’s urine. You will find the whole process very simple to do and after your very first test, you will feel like a pro. We have included 2 extra packets of test materials in your kit to help you feel even more comfortable.

    ThePetCheckup is inexpensive. It cost less than $4.00/month to help protect your pet’s health. Ordering refills is easy and saves even more money.

  • Collecting a Urine Sample

    The manual gives you several suggestions/tips for collecting a urine sample from dogs and from cats—starting with simply observing your animal’s habits to determine which method might work best for you. You need only about a teaspoon to conduct the test and there is no pressure from having to get a sample by a particular time.

    Many of our customers start out by using one of the suggestions in the manual for collecting urine and then quickly come up with their own creative ideas which works best for them.

  • Running the Test

    Simply put a drop of your pet’s urine on each of the reagent pads and wait the appropriate amount of seconds. Then compare your test strip to the color chart included in your manual.

  • Reading the Test Results

    The manual explains how to read and record your test results. If ThePetCheckup indicates an ongoing imbalance, we recommend consulting your veterinarian who may want to do further testing—further testing by your veterinarian is necessary to confirm an accurate diagnosis.

    ThePetCheckup is a complement to routine veterinary care. We do not offer any diagnosis or suggestions for treatment. But if your pet’s monthly health screen does indicate a possible imbalance, you will now be able to get help for your dog or cat when the condition is easiest to treat.

Note: ThePetCheckup has helped many canines and felines, but it is not designed to diagnose or to replace regular veterinary exams. Only a veterinarian can make a medically accurate diagnosis of your animal’s condition.