What our customers are saying about ThePetCheckup

Over the years, ThePetCheckup has helped many pet parents easily monitor their pet’s health. Here are only a few testimonials from our happy and satisified customers:

“ThePetCheckup gives me peace of mind. Wendy has had a couple of UTI’s over the last year so this is also an added layer of prevention. And I love that I can check in on Wendy’s health at any time from the comfort of home saving us both the stress of a vet visit. (And the expense for me). I’m so grateful this product exists! Thank you!”

“I have been using ThePetCheckUp for years and it has given me useful information on my dogs, often saving a trip into the vet’s office. Very helpful and economical given the amount of dogs I have.”

“We have been using ThePetCheckup since 2009 for our two dogs and find it quite useful to monitor their health. The accuracy of the test strip matches that from our Vet so we feel comfortable with the results we have gotten. While (thankfully!) we have only had minor indications of health issues over the years, the test results allowed us to discuss these with the Vet in a more informed way.”

“This product has kept our mind at ease after we almost lost Blu because of urinary stones.”

“I want to thank you for your prompt service. ThePetCheckup, is very important to me. Annie, has a chronic condition and I have to test her urine at least once a week. ThePetCheckup helps me work closely with my vet in monitoring her. I also use it once/month for maintenance for my older dog, Ricky who is now 15 1/2.

Thanks so much!”

“I would LOVE to recommend this product!!! My 4 1/2 year old “Princess” has had horrible problems with urinary tract infections and crystal formations in the past.

Before I had heard of ThePetCheckup, I had to just wait until she showed signs of straining or had accidents in the house! Now that I regularly use ThePetCheckup, I can catch any irregularities before she shows signs of pain.

Thank you for giving me peace of mind with the ThePetCheckup!”

“I can’t think of a single reason not to use ThePetCheckup. If you love your pet and want to be pro-active in their health care than this is something that you must have. I have 4 dogs and routinely utilize ThePetCheckup to monitor their urine levels.

Since so many diseases can be detected through the urine, ThePetCheckup gives me peace of mind by allowing me to monitor my dogs between routine vet exams. I truly believe by using ThePetCheckup along with routine vet care I am giving my pets the best possible care.”

“I would love to give a testimonial for ThePetCheckup. I can’t begin to tell you how thankful I am for your product. We have two Chihuahua’s and one of them has chronic UTI’s. For several months she was on antibiotics and nothing was helping her. We spent thousands of dollars on tests and treatment. I finally found ThePetCheckup and was able to save time and money.

Unlike most dogs with UTI’s my dog is very stoic and you would never know she was in pain. ThePetCheckup allows me to check her every month so we are able to treat her at the early stages of her UTI’s.

ThePetCheckup is my peace of mind. I wish I would have known about this product sooner. I would recommend it to any pet parent whether you have a healthy or sick pet!!!!

A very cost effective way to stay on top of your pets’ health.”

“My cat, Isis, has been having urinary tract problems and struvite crystals, and I use the ThePetCheckup to see that she is getting well. I use them once a month when she is well, and when she is sick I check for blood to see if the medication and special food is working as it should. I really adore my little princess and there is a safety to check her urine. I note her results in the booklet and use it to see the health changes from time to time. Thank you for the very best service when I have questions.

I am from Norway and there is nothing like this in my country.”

“Peppy, my toy poodle, uses ThePetCheckup on a monthly basis and I help her log all her results and we take them to her Dr. at every 6 month visit. Her Dr. is very impressed with ThePetCheckup and said this is a great idea and that I should definitely keep it up on a monthly basis. It is also a great way to easy my mind in between visits.

I also couldn’t believe the time and effort that was invested when I had questions! The love for animals shows!”

“My beautiful Sadie is a rescued German Shepherd. When we brought her into our home, the vets thought she may live 2-3 years due to her age and health.

That was 6 years ago. I have been using ThePetCheckup monthly for almost 3 years. In that time, it has helped me to catch bladder infections in the early stages. It also has started to show me that she is experiencing kidney & liver problems.

It is also very important to note that I do NOT use this as a replacement for veterinary care, but to enhance it. I take ThePetCheckup test results in for Sadie’s records at each veterinary visit.

Thank you for giving me an inexpensive method to track the health of my baby in the comfort of my own home.”

“Attached is a photo of Ella and my husband Peter. Thank you for making a product that will assist in keeping her with us as long as possible!”

“We use ThePetCheckup regularly to monitor Max’s renal condition between veterinary visits. Max’s veterinarian is very pleased that we are using your product to keep a close watch on him.”

“I use ThePetCheckup regularly to keep a close eye on our 16 year old cat Austin. The test strips allow me to have the peace of mind that I am not missing some vital first sign of trouble in between his bi-monthly veterinary visits.”

“I REALLY believe in being proactive. That is why I jumped on your product the minute I came across it.”

“Our cinnamon color poodle Cinbad was diagnosed with diabetes over 3 years ago. He has daily insulin shots and we regulate his diet carefully. If the public knew what people with diabetic animals go through to keep their pets “healthy,” they would be more proactive and monitor their health with your kit.”

“ThePetCheckup helped us to detect that Mr. Bean at 18 years of age had developed diabetes. Our veterinarian recommended a special diet for him and after just a few months, Mr. Bean has gained weight and his appetite has stabilized.”

“ThePetCheckup health screen has proven invaluable for our 3 kitties. One month, just before we were about to leave on a trip, the screen showed blood in Wolfie’s urine. Tests by our veterinarian then revealed a high bacterial count and crystal formation. The vet said that Wolfie’s timely treatment saved him from a more serious lower urinary tract disease. If we had not caught the infection early Wolfie could have experienced severe pain as well as “accidents” at home. I recommend everyone use this great product monthly on all their precious dogs and cats.”

“Annie, my little white bichon, has been my great friend for over 9 years. A family member told me about ThePetCheckup and I tried it. Testing Annie was very easy, but to my surprise I found blood in her urine. My vet ran some tests and found a bacterial infection, which was easily treated. My vet told me if I had waited until my next routine visit, Annie could have experienced a lot of pain and possibly more serious problems. I am so thankful for ThePetCheckup and am telling all my pet-loving friends about your great product.”

“Cassie had been acting completely normal, but ThePetCheckup was consistently showing high levels of protein. My veterinarian said this could indicate a potential kidney problem, and put Cassie on a special diet. He told me to watch the levels with ThePetCheckup monthly to monitor her progress between veterinary visits. I am so grateful that this product let me know she needed help. Because we were able to get treatment before her condition became more advanced, it will most likely be able to be managed by diet alone!”

“ThePetCheckup enabled me to detect a urinary tract infection in my cat, Sweetie Pie, before it became a more serious health issue. I am happy that with the use of this product I was able to detect something was wrong, get her proper veterinary care, and prevent her from suffering needlessly. ThePetCheckup is easy and simple to use, and I find comfort in knowing I can continue to use it to help monitor Sweetie Pie’s health. I highly recommend it!”

“My dog, Paloma, was born with an abnormal kidney, and requires extra medical care. I use ThePetCheckup monthly to monitor her health between our normal vet visits. Paloma’s niece, Heidi, recently joined the family and ThePetCheckup enabled us to detect and get treatment for an undiagnosed bladder infection at a very early stage.”

“First of all I wanted to thank you for such a great product! I am involved in animal rescue as well as owning 3 dogs and 3 cats and after purchasing your product last year, have recommended it to many other individuals.”

“I’ve been very satisfied with the product—I was able to confirm with the veterinarian today that two of my five cats have UTI’s, and they have begun treatment. Thank you for a product that helps keep our pets healthy.”