Children who grow up with pets are at lower risk for obesity and allergies

There is more and more research coming out on the benefits of a wide exposure to a variety of microorganisms. Below is an interesting study about the positive effects of being born into a family with dogs and cats.

Practicing early detection with home dog and cat urine tests

Urinary tract infections are the most common illnesses that are found with ThePetCheckup and Petnostics although these easy to use home tests provide early warning signs for many other illnesses.

Home urine test for pets helps keep dogs and cats healthy.

“We find the product is cost-effective, easy to use, and essential to detecting chronic issues so that veterinary advice can be obtained at an earlier stage. Thank you.”

Dog and Cat Chronic health conditions make your pet susceptible to secondary illnesses

If your dog has a chronic health condition, practicing early detection/preventative health care will alert you to secondary infections or other possible health concerns.

Your dog or cat’s urinalysis test results

Understanding your dog or cat’s urinalysis test will give you important information regarding your pet’s health.

Your cat and Lyme disease

Although cats can be exposed to the Lyme disease and can test positive for the disease, they usually do not get sick from it.

2014 Protecting your dog’s and cat’s health by being proactive

Caring pet owners are practicing early detection as the cornerstone in protecting their dog’s and cat’s health.

Kidney infection in cats

Keeping your cat’s immune system strong is important at any age. Certain characteristics make a cat’s immune system potentially very vulnerable to bacteria growth in the urinary tract.

Pet urine test saves lives!

Prevention and early detection of dog and cat pet illnesses saves lives.

low or high pH readings in dog and cat urine testing

Keeping a record of your dog or cat’s urine pH is valuable in detecting an undiagnosed health problem as well as potential future problems.