Kate is not a traveller

I am doing some internet research into remedies for cats who have motion sickness while travelling in the car.

My cat Kate gets very car sick–even on short trips (1/2 hour or so). She is almost 3 and has always had this problem. She will vomit, drool, and generally be queasy for a while after we get home.

I would like to bring her on a trip to the Cape this coming summer, but need to be sure she will not be sick or uncomfortable along the way.

My research is still in the beginning stages, but I am wondering if anyone has any thoughts or suggestions. Obviously, one solution would be not to take her on a trip…but other than the car sickness aspect, I think she would have a wonderful time. And it is hard to find excellent cat sitters for extended amounts of time.

I would be very interested and grateful to hear from anyone who has had experience with this situation.