Home pet health test kit scores high with Australian Department

About 10 days ago, we shipped ThePetCheckup kit to a customer in Australia. Although we have shipped to Australia many times, this package was held for 5 days by the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry.

They sent a letter to our customer who explained to them what was in the kit (a home urine test for dogs and cats) and the package was then released to her.

Apparently, the woman at the Department was very interested in ThePetCheckup as she has two cats — one who has a recurring bladder infection. Maybe she will become our next Australian customer!

Chloe has an ear infection

Chloe had her yearly veterinary exam last week…I brought her in a few months early as I suspected an ear infection–which she has.

She was prescribed Mometamax–4 drops per day for the infection. Chloe is extremely difficult when it comes to giving any type of medication. I think the memory of her early years when she was very sick and required alot of care have stayed with her. She seems to have a second sense when it comes to knowing I am about to give her medicine. She usually manages to outsmart me and the ear drops are no exception.

To make it even more difficult..the bottle that you are supposed to squeeze for the drops to come out is so stiff, you can hardly get anything out. I tried using another type of dropper, but that didn’t work either.

She may think she has won this round, but with an infection, I will have to persevere and find a way to get the drops in her.

Wish me luck!!

A step closer to closing down puppy mills

Best Friends Animal Society in Utah has been doing some great work with their campaign to close down puppy mills. I don’t know the numbers on how many have been closed down throughout the country this past year, but they state on their website that there is one closed almost every week.

And eBay Foundation has pledged $330,000 in seed money to set up a puppy care center at Best Friends. Puppies and their mothers will be able to go to Best Friends puppy care center to get healthy and socialize so that they can be adopted into good homes.

When I keep my attention on all the positive things that are happening in animal welfare, it is really heartening. It feels like there is a momentum that has been created and will keep growing.

Our volunteer spay/neuter group here in Fairfield is growing too. It’s like we had to struggle all these years to lay the ground work and now bigger organizations and groups are catching on and providing some support.

I wonder if we will ever be able to figure out how to get people to fix their animals BEFORE they breed. We get so many calls from people who just don’t get it. They wait until they are overwhelmed with animals and then call for financial help. It gets very frustrating.