Animals in need due to the Iowa flooding

We live about an hour south of Iowa City where so much flooding has been going on. Cedar Rapids is an hour and a half north of here.

Today I read in that Petsmart Charities is helping with emergency pet supplies for the animals that are in need in those areas:

“PetSmart Charities will dispatch its Emergency Relief Waggin’ stocked with emergency pet supplies to Cedar Rapids, Iowa today to help the pet victims of recent flooding. The 53-foot trailer contains enough pet products, food and supplies to support up to 500 companion animals.”

Once again Petsmart Charities to the rescue…they are really doing some great work on behalf of animals in southeastern Iowa.

Dog Adoptions through Rescue Waggin’ are fabulous

I just went on our shelter ~the Noah’s Ark Animal Foundation ~ website and saw that a total of 189 dogs from southeast Iowa have been accepted in the Petsmart Charities Rescue Waggin’ program. This is really fantastic.

We have so many dogs that are abandoned around here and without the Rescue Waggin’, many of them would still be sitting in the shelter waiting for their forever home. There just are not enough good homes in this area for all the great dogs that, for one reason or another, have found themselves homeless.

The Waggin’ picks up dogs from the shelter once or twice a month and brings them to one of two shelters in WI where the adoption rate is very high. Most of the dogs are adopted within 48 hours. (amazing).

Being accepted into the program has really made a difference for the homeless dogs in our area! Programs like this show what can be accomplished when people work together for a good purpose.

Test showed blood in dog’s urine

Another one of our customers called this week to thank us for ThePetCheckup.

They were surprised to find that the test showed blood in their dog Emma’s urine. It was a moderate amount and after taking Emma to the vet, the diagnosis was a urinary tract infection. Because ThePetCheckup catches potential illnesses before symptoms appear, they were able to catch it very early and the treatment should be simple and effective.

Urinary tract infections in both dogs and cats are really common…wish there were some statistics to see if the numbers may be increasing. I know Kate had one awhile back…the only illness that she has ever had since she was rescued almost 2 years ago.

There are other causes for a positive test result for blood….stones, tumor, internal injuries–or even something as relatively harmless as chewing some tough grass that caused an irritation to the lining of the digestive system.

The important point is that blood is not normal in the urine and should always be checked out by a veterinarian.