Kitty is quite the little biter

This week I am fostering Gracie, a 2 month old kitty for a friend.

It’s been awhile since I have had such a young kitty and I forgot how sharp their teeth and little claws can be! I have done a little research on the web regarding training kitties not to bite or scratch.

What I have read makes alot of sense, although it is much more difficult when I try to put it into practice. If I stop playing with Gracie whenever she bites me, she will immediately find something else to amuse her, and at this age-that is pretty much everything!

I know it is a matter of being consistent and just to prove that she really is listening, she just jumped up on the desk and is sweetly laying quietly between the keyboard and the mouse, purring up a storm.

Wow….whoever adopts Gracie is going to be one lucky person. She is such a honey.