Pet test at home saves lives

I know veterinary care is getting costly, but the cost of Lily’s recent trip to the vet ER was still pretty shocking.

Like me, I know there are many people out there who will do whatever it takes to keep our animal companions healthy, but I wonder how others can manage when their animals become sick. Even basic routine care is getting so expensive.

Actually, it makes me feel even more proud of ThePetCheckup, our preventative health care product for dogs and cats. It is used in addition to routine veterinary care and is not a diagnostic product, but more and more people are now understanding how important it is to catch problems before they have a chance to develop into something more serious.

Being a loving animal caregiver is, unfortunately, not a reprieve from dealing with dog and cat illnesses…so many of our customers tell me of difficult situations they have been through with their animals. Sometimes it seems that animals must pick their people knowing they will hang in with them through the difficult times as well as the good times. Our customers are really fantastic and I am really happy that I can support them in caring for their furry loved ones.

Lily has incident with elevated liver enzymes

Just as we were leaving for Boston on Friday nite before Labor Day, Lily started throwing up. It was quite intense and was followed by alot of drooling.

We brought her to a 24 hour emergency animal hospital in Dennis. After a wait of a few hours, we were seen and a blood sample was taken. By that time, she had stopped vomiting, drooling, and actually looked pretty good.

The blood work came back showing her very dehydrated and with 2 liver values out of the normal range. We opted to watch her carefully over the weekend and then bring her to her own vet the next week.

The follow up blood work showed hydration was normal, and although one of the liver values was a bit high, her vet said that it was not unexpected for her age and was still in the normal range.

So, another mystery acute illness. We all think that she ate something bad outside when we weren’t looking, but have no idea what.

It is great to have a Veterinary Emergency clinic. You could end up waiting a long time to be seen, as there is often only one vet on call and they will take critical emergencies first.

Still reassuring to have this available as I am sure all the people filling the waiting room on Labor Day weekend were feeling.

Another glorious day on Cape Cod

Well, here I am back on Cape Cod for the month of September.

It is a beautiful sunny day…hope we have lots more like it this month. It is pretty much perfect.

After the health challenges that Lily had last summer, I was so happy to see how healthy and happy she is. She really looks wonderful…she is her old self again.

We went to West Dennis Beach over the weekend and she walked on the stone pier…one of her favorite things to do. I think it is a Basenji thing. But whenever she sees a wall, she loves to jump up and run along it.

She also was chasing birds on Lily’s Beach yesterday morning. She likes to watch them fly off. We went down to see the high tides after Tropical Storm Hanna, but the storm pretty much passed us by, which was great. Lots of rain on Saturday, but it did not intensify as had been predicted.

I am looking forward to many more adventures with Lily the wonder dog in the coming weeks.