Bladder infections in dogs are quite common and usually fairly easy to treat

Many of our customers tell us that regular use of ThePetCheckup helped them to catch bladder infections at a very early stage–when the infection was just beginning.

Bacteria in the bladder enters from the outside through the urethra. Treatment with antibiotics is usually pretty effective.

However, if the infection is stubborn or seems to return often, underlying causes need to be looked into.

Some of the most common underlying causes that need to be ruled out are: bladder stones, bladder cancer, Cushing’s disease and diabetes mellitus.

At home urine test for your dog and cat: review

Well, Hurricane Bill has moved on from the coast of Massachusetts and although the forecast was for rain today, the weather is gorgeous! Sunny and clear. Beautiful blue sky with scattered clouds.

The Red Sox beat the Yankees last nite 14-1 and we received a lovely testimonial for ThePetCheckup from a long time repeat customer:

Absolutely luv this kit have been using it for a while, easy, efficient and so forward.”

Looks like it is shaping up to be an excellent day!

Protein in dog’s urine

Another one of ThePetCheckup’s happy customers contacted me yesterday and told me how helpful our product was in keeping a close eye on protein level’s in her dog’s urine.

This is another great benefit of doing ThePetCheckup test monthly as protein in the urine should always be followed up by further investigation.

The most worrisome cause would be that there is a problem with the kidneys, but there are other illnesses (such as an inflammation) which can be treated successfully in the majority of cases.

And of course, the sooner these imbalances are detected, the better the outcome.