Home Pet Urine Test for Dogs and Cats

We received another nice testimonial from a repeat customer today:

“I use this product anytime my cats seem to not feel well to determine if something more serious is brewing.

Extremely helpful for animals with history of urinary tract problems.” A.R., Las Cruces, NM

It’s always so nice to hear how helpful ThePetCheckup is.

UTI’s or Dog and Cat Urinary Tract Infections very common

I read more information today about Urinary Tract infections in dogs and cats. Although the statistics vary on just what percentage of dogs and cats will have this illness in their lifetime, it is certain that this is one of the most common imbalances that affect our pets.

Female dogs are quite a bit more likely to develop urinary tract infections than male dogs.

This is because the length of a female dog’s urethra is shorter compared to a male dog’s urethra. So the bacteria can enter a female dog’s bladder easier.

Keeping the animal’s immune system strong is the best defense. There is an overwhelming amount of information out there on our animal’s health and I know ThePetCheckup customer’s are some of the most informed.

I just started giving Chloe and Kate New Zealand Colostrum again. I think it is a great product and for my fussy cats, something that they will actually eat mixed with their food.

Vinyl handbags contain harmful amounts of lead

I just read an article about the dangerous amount of lead found in vinyl handbags, wallets etc.

For many of us who do not want to buy leather, this is an important warning. Purses and especially wallets are handled often.



The article also said that all handbags have interior tags which state what they are made of. I have often looked for tags on handbags and could not find them. But for now on, I’ll look at fabric and nylon bags…that seems the path.

Bacteria and dog and cat kidney and urinary tract infections

One simple thing I just read about to help prevent your dog and cat from developing urinary, bladder, or kidney infections is to be vigilant about washing out the water dish with hot/soapy water and changing the water atleast once a day.

Bacteria can grow quickly in the water and not just in hot weather.

The article mentioned some nice dishes that are made from recycled plastic. However, I believe stainless steel dishes are the best. Years ago, my cat Oliver developed what the vet called “feline acne”….little bumps on his chin. I was told that is something that is more common when the animal eats or drinks from plastic dishes.

And seamless dishes are the best, too, as bacteria cannot accumulate in any creases.

Great followup on adoption of 2 of the former Michael Vick dogs

Below is a link from the Best Friends Animal Society website about Cherry and Handsome Dan – 2 dogs rescued from the Michael Vick property and now adopted into their forever homes.

It seems that the people who adopted these 2 dogs discovered that they only live 1 1/2 hours from each other and arranged a get together for the dogs.

Cherry and H.Dan were so happy to see each other….it was a very sweet reunion. There is even a video included.

They are planning many more get-togethers in the future which is so cool.


My cat Kate’s itchy ears are so much better

A couple of months ago, I did some internet research on remedies for infections in cat’s ears.

Kate had already been on ear medicine twice for her infected ears and I never thought that the condition had ever been completely healed.

I read alot of great reviews for diluted Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) and decided to try it. The results were quite amazing.

I took a cotton ball and dipped it in the diluted mixture and squeezed some in both her ears. Within 2 days, she had stopped scratching and rubbing her ears and seemed greatly relieved. I was really surprised how quickly it worked.

Today I was doing some research about migraine headaches as I had a whopper yesterday. Again, lots of testimonials for ACV — this time diluted with water and honey. I’m going to give this a try too.

It’s so great to find a natural remedy that is this effective…will be interesting to see what happens with the migraine remedy.