Airline travel with pets

Although there is still a lot of information missing regarding the 7 puppies that died recently on an American Airlines flight to Chicago, the Dept. of Transportation issued some pretty shocking statistics regarding air travel for pets:

From May 2005 to May 2010 there were 144 reported deaths of pets during air travel.Of those, 122 were canines. That is an alarming number of casualties.

I flew Lily from Iowa to Logan airport in 1999 when my sister adopted her, and we had a relatively OK trip. But it is not something I would do again…too many risks these days.  Lily was such a trooper though.  I’m sure she knew she was going to her forever home and she was so excited!! Nothing scared her.  Even the revolving doors at Logan–I remember how bravely she walked through.

Testimonial for at home urine test

A nice, short and to the point testimonial came in this morning for ThePetCheckup from one of our repeat customers.

“easy to use and combats worry”