Beware feeding your dog these common foods

There are many alerts going around just before Thanksgiving reminding people of all the common foods that can be dangerous–even fatal– to dogs.

When friends and family are over visiting, be alert to any “treats” they may be slipping to your dog.

Raw or uncooked turkey may contain samonella.

Chocolate, xylitol, raisins, grapes, alcohol, onions, yeast dough and macadamia nuts are all dangerous.  Even a small amount of xylitol can give your dog seizures, low blood sugar or liver failure.

Home urine test kit for dogs and cats reduces animal’s discomfort

Another important reason to practice early detection health care with our dogs and cats is to keep discomfort or pain at a minimum.

Anyone who has had a urinary tract infection or bladder infection knows how painful they can be.  By testing their animal’s urine on a monthly basis, many potentially serious illnesses can be caught at an early stage. Hopefully, before the animal is in too much discomfort.

It’s an easy and inexpensive way to prevent your dog or cat from suffering until visible symptoms of their illness become apparent.

Dog and cat health the early detection way

One of the most important things you can do to protect the health of your dog and cat is to practice early detection. 

Veterinarians are in agreement that treatment is easier, less expensive and generally more successful when the illness is caught in an early stage.

This is the main reason we developed ThePetCheckup…to enable animal caregivers  to be more proactive with their animal’s healthcare.

Preventing dog urinary tract infections the stree-free way

Stress can weaken a dog’s immune system, so be sure to provide them with their very own places they can go to relax.

Endorsement home urine test kit for dogs and cats

Nice way to start the weekend with a short, but enthusiastic testimonial for ThePetCheckup from a customer in MI:

“Love the product — use it all the time and it works!!”

Puppy mill bill Prop B passes in Missouri

There was some good news this morning.  Prop B in MO passed!

This bill will go into effect in a year and allow more humane treatment of animals in puppy mills in Missouri.

“This is truly a watershed moment in Missouri history,” Kathy Warnick, the Humane Society of Missouri’s president, said early Wednesday. “All of us in animal welfare are elated by the outcome, and we give our heartfelt thanks to Missourians for doing the right thing and providing a voice for Missouri’s defenseless animals.”

Thank you to everyone in MO who worked so hard for the passage of this bill.

Non-toxic solutions for your pet’s flea control

My 2 cats have a fenced in area attached to the house that they can access from the garage and they do love to spend a lot of time outside in it.  The biggest concern for me with the outdoor garden is that they can catch fleas.  This year, I treated the area with a few natural remedies and I think it worked well.  I also flea comb them a few times a day to catch any of the critters that may still be around.

The non-toxic remedies I used were IGR or Insect Growth Regulator and Nematodes.  I followed the directions carefully on the bottles. I also started sprinkling some nutritional yeast on their food.  Fussy eaters..both of them…but they love it!!

Here in Iowa, we had a terrible humid summer and I was pleased with the way these 2 products work.  I’ll use them again next year, but will start earlier in the season.