Dog teaches daughter to walk

Here is a very sweet memory someone sent to USA today about their dog:

“I once had an American Bull Terrier, who taught my daughter to walk, by letting her haul herself up and grab a fistfull of fur on his back and then he would parade around the yard with her. After she learned to walk he taught her to climb. When she was sufficient enough at climbing. He taught her how to hand down the doggie goodies from the kitchen cabinet. I think he had this whole thing planned from the beginning.”

Giving the gift of health to your friends’ pets

It’s been fun this time of year talking with people who are giving friends and family members ThePetCheckup kit as a holiday gift.

Every caring dog and cat owner wants to take the best care of their pet that they can.  And practicing early detection is certainly an important key.

Nothing like giving the gift of health!

Pet test strips for early detection

We received this email from a pet owner in Iowa and although there is no knowing for sure if ThePetCheckup test strips would have helped her cat, it is very likely that she would have seen noticeable changes in the test results from test to test and would have been able to report it to her veterinarian.

Here is her story:  “About 10 years ago I lost a cat to kidney failure just five weeks after it was diagnosed. Bedbug was diagnosed in the early stage and the veterinarian and I agreed that a diet change should be sufficient treatment at that time to extend her life. I have known cats with early stage kidney failure to live quite some time after simply changing their diet. It never occurred to me to take test strips home from work to periodically check my cat’s urine and, to my knowledge none of the veterinarians I ever worked for had ever suggested it as a possibility to any pet owner.

 I think I switched Bedbug over to the new diet too quickly and she was evidently not eating well. This happened at a particularly stressful time in my life and I was not watching her as carefully as I should have been. I firmly believe that Bedbug could have lived a happier, more comfortable and much longer life on the special diet I was feeding, had I been testing her urine over the first few weeks after diagnosis. Weekly testing would have alerted me that things were not going well and we could have tried her on a different food product or changed to a more aggressive treatment.”

D.L. Burlington, IA

Liver Disease in Dogs

A customer called to let us know  that ThePetCheckup helped her discover that something was off with her animal’s health.  It required further testing from her veterinarian to determine what was going on.

The diagnosis was liver disease and it was caught very early and the outcome looks extremely positive.

There are different types of liver diseases, but early detection is extremely important as a significant portion of the liver is usually damaged before outward signs of the disease are apparent.