What blood in dog or cat urine sample means

When the urine sample of your dog or cat shows even a trace amount of blood, it should be investigated.   Even a trace amount of blood is considered abnormal.

What we recommend, is to check your dog or cat again the following day with ThePetCheckup and if that sample is also positive, contact your veterinarian for further testing to determine the cause.

Home urine pet test alerts to Dog/Cat Urinary Tract Infection

A positive reading on the Leukocytes test pad is an indication of white blood cells (WBC) in the urinary tract.  White blood cells normally enter the urinary tract because of a previous infection and they are standing guard to ward off further infection.

Bacteria produces Nitrite, so there are usually traces of Nitrite found as well if the infection is still present.  It is possible to have positive results on the Leukocyte value and negative on Nitrite, simply because there isn’t enough bacteria present in the urinary tract to product Nitrite.

A positive value on either Leukocyte or Nitrite should be followed up with a visit to the vet to culture the sample and determine what type of bacteria is present so that it can be treated.

Michael Vick cancels Oprah interview

Two days ago, I mentioned in this blog that Michael Vick was going to appear on the Oprah show.

Today, I read he has cancelled for “personal reasons”.  Read into it what you will.

Robert Cabral ~ bound angels

there is no love like the love a dog gives,

it is selfless and pure,

it is compassionate and always well-timed,

it never dies and has no boundaries…

if only we could love one another in that way…

Robert Cabral, www.boundangels.org

Michael Vick on Oprah, February 24, 2011

I just read something in USA Today that Michael Vick will be a guest on the Oprah show on Feb. 24th.  It was stated that he has been working with the Humane Society counseling young people about the reality of dog fighting.

It will be very interesting to see this show.  I know Vick’s “people” have claimed that he has been repentant and has been doing some humane volunteer work, but I have never read anything confirming these statements.

If he really wants to make a difference, there is a lot he could do and many wonderful organizations that would help, but in all this time, I have never heard anything confirming that he is out there talking with kids.  It appears to be all a PR cover-up.

Beautiful quote by Sharon Callahan

“Animals have souls and conscious awareness. They experience all the same emotions that human beings experience. They think and feel. They experience sadness and grief. They can communicate their thoughts and feelings to us. And sometimes in the process of doing so they can open our hearts and eyes to new and beautiful ways of looking at ourselves, our lives and the world in general.”

Sharon Callahan, www.anaflora.com

Most common animal poisons reported in 2010

The ASPCA just released some interesting information on the top 10 causes of pet poisoning in 2010.  Everyone is very familiar with antifreeze (which was actually #10 on the list).

The #1 most frequest cause of poisonings in dogs and cats was ingesting human medications.  This accounted for 25 percent of all calls their poison hotline received.

Check out www.aspca.org  to see the rest of the list.