How pet urine home test kit is helpful for you

Just like any urine test, ThePetCheckup does not screen for all illnesses that can affect your dog or cat. Some of these illnesses that require other testing are cancers, tumors, heart disease, respiratory problems, skin diseases and some other illnesses.

This is why we strongly recommend that you take your animal to a veterinarian for an annual check up, as well as any time you notice anything unusual in your animal’s behavior or appearance.

However, ThePetCheckup does screen for the presence of many of the most common illnesses that can affect your pet, so it is an extremely important addition to the preventative care you provide your animals.

Testimonials for ThePetCheckup

Some nice testimonials came in this week with re-orders from our customers:

Happy Longtime Customer

Just luv these kits…….

Used it with great results – our vet appreciated the info we gained from it to warn her what to follow up on.

Cat spring time allergies

I read an interesting article in CNN online today about cat allergies.  Allergies are really tricky to deal with…I have had some experience.

But I think it is always best to go back to basics.  Start simple with your detective work.  According to this article, the number 1 environmental allergen is house dust and house mites.  So a thorough cleaning is the first line of defense.

The article also suggests periodically putting your cats toys in the freezer.  Dust mites on plush toys are killed by freezing.

My house is going to be getting a thorough cleaning this weekend.

Symptoms of dog or cat kidney disease

The following symptoms can be an indication of kidney disease.

• Loss of appetite
• Increased thirst
• Frequent urination or increased volume
• Poor hair coat
• Depression and/or vomiting