Early detection for canine diabetes

“ThePetCheckup helped us to detect that Mr. Bean at 18 years of age had developed diabetes.”
— Joan M.,  Centerville, IA

Using dog and cat home urine kit monthly

We got another testimonial today about ThePetCheckup:

“I am so thankful there is a kit like this available for in home use.  I think my baby is ok but at least I can keep him checked from now on.”  KR, Arkansas

As we say in our literature…we hope you never find an imbalance, but if you do, you will be able to get help at an early stage when the treatment is most effective, most simple for your pet, and less expensive for you.  It’s amazing how reassuring it is to have peace of mind.

Easy way to collect urine sample from a cat

One of the questions we get asked frequently is how the heck to collect a urine sample from a cat.  We offer several methods in our ThePetCheckup booklet, but still many cat owners remain skeptical.

However, we recently connected with the nice people at Smart Cat Box (smartcatbox.com).  They have a very easy to use litter box comprised of non-absorbent litter on top of a slotted floor.  When the cat pees, the urine flows through the litter into a removable collection drawer.  So easy!

This is a great way to collect a urine sample when you are doing monthly ThePetCheckup tests.  Just use your dropper to apply the urine to the test pads.  Makes monthly testing of cats so simple.

I also love this system as there are no bags of smelly litter to throw in the trash each day.  I always knew there had to be a better method for the environment than filling landfills with tons of used kitty litter.

Check out their website and see for yourselves!  www.smartcatbox.com

Beagles released from animal testing laboratory experience freedom

Here is a link to a very sweet video showing 2 Beagles just released from a animal testing laboratory in CA.  You’ll see their first few minutes of fear about walking on grass, but before long, they are running and wagging their tails happily.


Video by Beagle Freedom Project.