Test pet at home urine kit helps identify urinary infection

We received a sweet testimonial from someone today regarding her 18 year old cat. 

ThePetCheckup test showed high values of protein, blood and pH and her person took her to the emergency vet clinic and showed them the test results.  They were able to pinpoint the cause right away and give her meds.

“With an older kitty, you have to act quickly.  Your test kit allowed me to do that. Bless you for making such a great product.  C.D., Katy, TX

Urine test at home kit for pets

Here are answers to some questions that we get asked about our product ThePetCheckup.

ThePetCheckup urine test for dogs and cats contains 8 complete tests.  Each test strip is individually sealed to provide accurate test results. Right now we are shipping product with an expiration date of 6/2013.  It is the same test for dogs and cats.

Once you have purchased ThePetCheckup complete kit, you can buy refills in quantities of 6, 12, and 24. We have kept the prices as low as possible to make sure the kit is affordable.

Have a great July 4th weekend!