Catching dog kidney infection at an early stage

Detecting a dog’s kidney infection at an early stage is critical as, left untended, it may lead to kidney failure.

Treatment at an early stage usually means oral antibiotics and a re-test in a few weeks to make sure the infection is gone.  Just like with people, it is important to do the entire course of treatment that is prescribed by your veterinarian.

Beautiful reminders after your dog or cat’s death

Over the years, I have read many words meant to comfort the loss of an animal companion.  Some helped.  Some not so much.  I know it is a subjective thing.

But I recently saw a page on that really spoke to me deeply and I wanted to share it.  There is a great deal of wisdom and truth here and well-written.  It is not easy to put these feelings into words.

Here is the link:

ThePetCheckup pet urine test especially helpful in extreme weather conditions

With the excessively warm weather that many of us are enduring, it is important to keep a close eye on our pets.

In the high humidity, most dogs and cats are pretty lethargic – spending more time sleeping and resting.  It is important to make sure that there is not an underlying cause for the lethargy such as a kidney or urinary tract infection.

Using ThePetCheckup monthly is important any time of year, but especially so in extreme weather conditions that could be masking a potential problem.