Practicing preventative health care with your pets

There are many things we can do to practice preventative health care with our dogs and cats. Some, such as using ThePetCheckup, are best to do once per month.  Other things are as simple as keeping an observant eye over any changes in your animal’s behavior or appearance.

Dogs and cats like people can have an off day, but there are many conditions which left untreated can create serious illness quite quickly with no fanfare.  The common urinary tract infection, for instance, if left untreated can develop into a kidney infection which has the potential to become quite serious. Blockages can form – either partial or complete – and lead to a rupture of the bladder.

Like we always say:  It is always better to catch an illness at an early stage, than have to treat a more serious condition later on.

At home urine test for dogs and cats is easy to use

We receive alot of wonderful feedback from our customers, and I always tell them that even if ThePetCheckup does not detect an imbalance, peace of mind is a wonderful benefit.  A simple way to keep closer watch over our companion’s  health.

“Hi. I wanted to let you know your product is wonderful.  I always tell my vets about it and hope that they will incorporate it into their practices. It’s such a nice feeling to take extra care of your pet while at the same time keeping them comfortable at home.” M.B., Boston, MA

Lovely video of rescued baby hummingbird

There is a wonderful video of a young man who rescued a baby hummingbird after the little bird was attacked.  One of the sweetest things ever.  His rescuer provides more information on the link too….it’s a proud day for the human race!