4 in 10 pets are experiencing illness without showing outward symptoms

I just read some interesting statistics regarding the importance of practicing some form of early detection with our pets.

It is estimated that as many as 4 in 10 animals may be experiencing an illness that requires veterinary attention without showing any outward signs of illness.

Using ThePetCheckup for secondary illnesses

Some of our customers have animals who have been diagnosed with diabetes, autoimmune diseases or other illnesses that require long-term attention.

When a dog or cat has been diagnosed with a chronic illness, their physiology is often compromised in some way and they may be more susceptible to secondary illnesses, especially infections.

ThePetCheckup is an invaluable tool in these situations as it is an easy way to keep close tabs on what is going on with your animal and to catch potential problems in the very beginning stages.

ThePetCheckup customer profile

I am currently taking a series of classes in Social Marketing.

We were asked to profile our customers.

I consider our customers to be wonderful caregivers.  It is always a pleasure to speak with people who love their animals, treat them like family and provide such good care for them.

Two qualities I chose to describe our “typical” customer are:

1. They are proactive with their dog and cat’s health care.

2. They understand the importance of early detection in preventing and treating diseases.

Chemical pesticides on lawns are dangerous to your pet’s health

ThePetCheckup is a wonderful tool for practicing early detection of health care issues for our dogs and cats, but there are other preventative actions that are important to take as well.

Exposing our animals to chemical pesticides on lawns has very dangerous consequences.  Because animals are so close to the ground and because of their small size, licking paws, playing with toys that have been laying on the grass or any other contact with chemicals can be very dangerous.

Don’t let your animal’s health be compromised everytime they go outside. Keep your yard free of potentially dangerous toxins and always be aware of where your dog or cat is walking or playing.

test at home kit for dogs and cats recommended by dog trainer

from Robert Cabral, dog trainer extraordinaire:

I received your package this week and was quite excited to get started.  This is such a great product.  Being a trainer / behaviorist and rescue person I am always thrilled when a product is available that can mean a world of good for the pets and the people they love.  ThePetCheckup gives me the info to make decisions on what to talk to my vet about and where my dogs health is.  Its so easy to use.  I will be recommending this product to everyone I know.  I’ll also place a link on my blog and may write a post about it if that is ok with you.

Best regards,


The partnership with our veterinarians is reinforced with ThePetCheckup

This quote (below)  from one of our customers is on the home page of our website.  I like it because it reinforces what an important relationship we have with our veterinarians.  Caring for our animals requires being proactive and also having good communication with our vets.  Being able to show the results of ThePetCheckup tests in between veterinary visits is very helpful in showing what has been going on in the months before the annual or semi-annual visit.

This is a fantastic product which has alerted me to health problems before they were really noticeable, has guided me in the post-op care of my dog, and has aided me in communicating with my veterinarians. Thank you.”
– M. Andrews-Kulis
Elon, NC

christian the lion’s friend has a blog

One of my favorite blogs is written by Ace Bourke, one of the two men who adopted Christian the lion and brought him to George Adamson in Africa to be acclimated back into the wild.

Ace is a museum curator in Australia and his photos (some he took himself) are really breath-taking.

Among other things, the blog is a thoughtful source for reading about current animal welfare issues.

Ace writes in his blog about once/month and it is always interesting.


ThePetCheckup: your product saved my cat’s life!

On the Sirius pet radio show last week, Dr. Shawn asked me about our customers and I told him one of the best things was hearing the feedback on how our product is helping to protect the health of people’s pets.

This comment that came this morning is about actually saving a cat’s life:

“I love ThePetCheckup. You’ve literally saved my cat’s life. Having a method for early detection of a bladder infection is so helpful. Thank you for making this great product!” SM, CT

Preventing urinary tract infections in cats and dogs

One of the most common ailments which affect dogs and cats is urinary tract infections, or UTI’s.  This is especially common in female dogs.

Using ThePetCheckup regularly will help to catch UTI’s before symptoms appear outwardly and is a great way to practice preventative care with your pet.

Also, be sure to provide access to fresh water and regular exercise.  It is now thought that sedentary pets are more susceptible to UTI’s as they may not be fully emptying their bladders.

Although common, these infections can become quite serious if left untreated.

Radio interview for home urine test for pets

The radio interview with well-known veterinarian Dr. Shawn Messonnier went very well.  It was 1/2 an hour and the time flew!

I did feel that I left out some important information regarding the product, such as that the test strips are specially packaged so the results remain accurate.  But all in all, it was an easy-going half hour and we discussed a lot of great points about the product and also our customers.

Sure hope there were lots of listeners!