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We heard from Robert Cabral this week.  Robert is an amazing person who specializes in rescuing and rehabilitating dogs from difficult backgrounds who have developed troubling behavioral problems. He helps these animals to become adoptable.

In 2008, Robert wrote a very nice testimonial on his website for ThePetCheckup, saying among other things:  “There are few products I would give this high of a rating for, but The Pet Checkup is my #1 product that I think every pet owner should have. I will not be without it. ”

You can read more of his testimonial at this link~


Michael Vick announces family is planning on getting a dog

Francis Battista from Best Friends Animal Society is such a great writer.

I read his blog regularly and am always impressed by the way he can express emotional topics/feelings in such a clear and straight-forward manner.

He doesn’t shy away from addressing very controversial topics either.  This latest post about Michael Vick announcing he will be getting a dog for his kids now that his 3 years of being barred from dog ownership are expiring:

“Best Friends is often asked if we think Vick should be allowed to own another dog. While his eligibility for dog ownership is a matter of law, imagine, if you would, what it would be like reading through a potential dog adoption application from Michael Vick:

  • Have you had a dog before? Yes
  • If yes, how many? Lots
  • Do you still have a dog(s)? No
  • If you have had dogs in the past, please let us know their current disposition. Dead or confiscated by federal authorities.
  • If you no longer have other dogs, please let us know what happened to them. Some I sold to dog fighters, some I had my cousin electrocute or shoot, some I personally strangled, drowned or body-slammed to death.
  • Why do you want to get a dog at this time? Because I served my time and kids want a dog.

OK, thank you, Michael. We’ll get back to you on your application.”

you can read the rest of the article here:

Barn cat program for southeastern Iowa

Our local shelter, Noah’s Ark Animal Foundation in Fairfield, IA  is looking for homes for semi-feral cats in southeastern Iowa.

Anyone will some acreage who can commit in writing to providing food, water and shelter for these cats should contact the shelter.  There is more information on this link:


In my years as spay/neuter coordinator for the shelter, I spoke with a few wonderful people who provided homes for these cats.  One man built individual houses for each cat and made them warm and cozy with straw and padding etc.  He really enjoyed having their presence at his home.  We need some more people like that!

High protein levels in dog’s urine

A elevated reading on the protein parameter should always be followed up.  Abnormal levels of protein spilling into a dog (or cat’s) urine can indicate kidney problems and/or infection.

But there are some other possible causes that should be considered first.  A high-protein diet can cause a higher reading. Also, strenuous activity can cause a positive protein reading.

These are some of the reasons why we recommend that people test their pets about the same time of day each month.  Morning is best before other factors can influence test results.

My cat Belle always tested a bit high (trace results) for protein because of her diet.  Our vet told me to note each month and let him know if it ever went above the trace reading….which it never did.  It was great to be able to keep such a close eye on her test results each month.

always nice to hear from ThePetCheckup long-time customers

Since most of our customers order online, there isn’t a lot of personal contact, but it is always nice when someone lets us know, even in just a few words, how helpful ThePetCheckup has been for them.

A long-time customer from MI with 2 dogs has been reordering refills regularly and placed a new refill order today:

“Love the product — use it all the time and it works!!”

Yup, it does work and it’s always nice to have feedback from our customers.

2012 report on chronic disease rise in dogs and cats

There was an interesting article on The State of Pet Health 2012 published recently by Banfield Pet Hospital.

They state that chronic diseases have been on the increase in the past 5 years.  Obesity and overweight by 37% in dogs and 90% in cats. 1 in 5 dogs and cats are overweight.  They also stressed the importance of early detection and working in partnership with your veterinarian.  For more information, check out their article:




Home urine test strengthens relationship between pet owners and their veterinarians

The relationship we have with our pet’s veterinarian is an important partnership.  Our vets rely on us to give them critical  information about our dog or cat’s health between routine checkups.

Using ThePetCheckup results chart not just to record results from the monthly tests, but also to record any changes we may notice, no matter how slight can be significant.  We may just forget some new symptoms until they become much more pronounced – and advanced!

And with summer here, and probable vacation time away from our animals,  we want to make sure that our dogs and cats are in good health before we leave them in the care of our pet sitters.  It can be stressful when we are away from them no matter how well they will be watched over.

Signs of lyme disease in your dog

Many of us right now are experiencing extremely hot and muggy temperatures.  Our pets are affected by this weather and generally will be more lethargic than usual.

But it is important to make sure that there isn’t something more than the weather affecting them.  It’s easy to check for the signs of a possible lyme disease infection:

1. The first sign is lack of energy.  You may notice that your pet may suddenly become less playful.

2.  Fever.  Your pet may have a fever over 102 and swollen glands.  She or he may start limping.  You may also notice that your pet’s joints are swollen or even seem hot to the touch.  The symptoms are similar to someone who has arthritis.

It’s easy to keep an eye out for these things when we are massaging or combing our dogs and cats.  Lethargy and pain in the joints need further investigation.