Dog and Cat Urinary tract infections: leukocytes and nitrites

A positive reading for Leukocytes or Nitrites on the urine test is cause for consulting your veterinarian for further testing to confirm a urinary tract infection.

Positive reading for Leukocytes means that there are white blood cells (WBC) in the urinary tract.  White blood cells enter the urinary tract when there is an infection in order to “stand guard” and ward off further infection.

Because bacteria produces Nitrite, there is usually a positive reading on the Nitrite value as well. If there is no Nitrite present, it is generally because there is not enough bacteria in the urine to cause Nitrites to be produced.

Animal lovers sharing the love

There have been some great animal-related stories circulating on the web this past month.

It’s been really inspiring to read all the beautiful comments and feedback that are being written.  So many wonderful people in the world doing great things for animals and people and it’s pretty powerful when many of them come together to support each other.

Here are 2 of my favorites:  The story of John Unger  and his beloved 19 year old German Shepherd mix Schoep.  You can read all about them (if you haven’t already) at

The second one is about the rescue of dog Missy (now renamed Lucky) who’s person left her on a Colorado mountain.  She survived 8 days with no food or water and was rescued by 8 beautiful souls who hiked up to save her.  One of them will be her new forever home. You can read about Missy/Lucky here:

Early detection for kidney, bladder and urinary infections

The illnesses that is most often detected with ThePetCheckup are infections: urinary, kidney and bladder infections. Finding out that your dog or cat has an infection before symptoms appear means that you can get medical treatment at a very early stage – before the infection has progressed into something more serious.

In most cases, this means an easier and more successful treatment for your pet. Infections can become serious and painful!  And it means less expensive treatment as well.

Urine test at home for dogs and cats : closer eye on their health

A new customer told us the reason he was ordering ThePetCheckup for his cat :

“I just want to try to keep an eye on her health.”

Pretty simple, but that says it all.


Urine testing for pets with chronic diseases

Many of our customers have animals with chronic conditions.  Often, these dogs and cats require more frequent check-ups and tests by their veterinarians to monitor their health.

We always love it when a long-time (or new!) customer emails us to let us know the results of the most recent vet visit.  We received such an email this morning from a customer who’s dog is monitored for recurring kidney stones. She will be going for an ultrasound tomorrow.

It’s always interesting to hear what treatment protocols people are finding helpful.  This can be helpful too, when someone’s animal is newly diagnosed with a similar condition.


Home urine testing for pets leads to indications of common and also uncommon dog and cat illnesses.

Before symptoms appear is the key here!!

ThePetCheckup provides important indications of potential diseases including:  kidney disease, urinary tract disease, diabetes mellitus, diabetes insipidus, kidney infections, bacterial infections, urinary tract infections, urinary bladder disease, auto-immune disease, Cushing’s disease, prostate diseases, hepatitis and other liver conditions.

Our veterinary consultants advise that the tests be done on a monthly basis between routine veterinary visits to catch potential problems before symptoms appear.

We have also had customers report to us that their veterinarians were able to detect some pretty uncommon illnesses because of early red flags from ThePetCheckup test. Seeing an imbalance with the monthly test led to further veterinary testing and potential serious illnesses were detected at early stages.  This has been the case with some liver conditions that have been reported to us. And the treatment has been successful which is so wonderful to hear!

Thank you to our customers for their feedback…..we love hearing from you!