Testimony on the importance of practicing preventative healthcare with your pets

Most of our orders are placed online.  Sometimes when a customer calls, they have quite a story to tell.  And sometimes it is heartbreaking.

I remember well the man who told me he had no idea his beloved dog had advanced diabetes until one day she just fell off the couch.  She also become blind quickly and her vision was never restored.  He was so shocked because he had taken her for annual veterinary visits and she had not exhibited any signs of illness before this event.

He understood well the need for practicing preventative care and told me that he wished he had heard of ThePetCheckup earlier.

I do too.  We can’t make any guarantees regarding our product of course, but I know the monthly tests would have picked up imbalances and he would have been able to get his dog medical treatment much earlier in the development of the diabetes.


Early detection for your pets helps veterinarians too

It’s not just animals and people who benefit from practicing methods of early detection.

Veterinarians benefit greatly too!

When you practice early detection and are proactive with your dog or cat’s heathcare, your veterinarian will have the opportunity to treat your dog or cat at an early stage of an illness.  This means in many cases the outcome will be much more successful — easier treatment, less expensive and in many cases a complete cure!

ThePetCheckup for early detection and peace of mind

Some people may wonder why ThePetcheckup is so important if they are feeding their animal a good quality of food, making sure their pet has exercise and plenty of love,  regular veterinary care etc.

This is an important question and we address it in our Q & A on the website.  Annual veterinary exams, good food, and exercise are extremely important. However, as most of us are well aware,  changes in your pet’s health can happen in a very short time.  Even the most observant pet owner often has no way of knowing if there is an undetected problem.

Having a very cost effective tool that can indicate a potential problem before symptoms appear can be a lifesaver!  It can save your pet from pain and discomfort, save you money, and at the very least, it will provide you with peace of mind.

When your cat head bumps you

I read a sweet article about “cat bunting” -that sweet little gesture some cats make when they head butt you.

We generally think of this as a sign of acceptance and affection which of course it is. But according to Dr. Meghan E. Herron, DVM, DACVB, a clinical assistant professor of Veterinary behavioral medicine, there is a bit more to it than that.

Dr. Herron: “Rather than territorial marking or ‘claiming’ someone, as is commonly thought, cats do this to mark something as safe – sort of like leaving a signal of comfort and safety,” adds Dr. Herron. “So you could think of it as a sign that they are ‘trusting’ that person or environment.”

Chloe is a big head bumper when we are outside gardening together and I like the idea that she is telling me that she feels safe being outside with me.