Home urine test for dogs and cats..new testimonial

Testing your dog or cat’s urine at home is recommended by both veterinarians and pet parents.

A note from ThePetCheckup: new method to test your pet’s urine

ThePetCheckup is now available for iPhone, iPad and iPod users!

More info on the new iOS method to test your pet’s urine

We now have a second method of testing your pet’s urine at home. This one is for iOS users and an Android version will be coming out shortly.

Home urine test for dogs and cat now in digital format

New method for testing dog and cats urine available for iOS users.

When “head pressing” can be a sign of a serious illness

If you see your dog or cat do this with their head, it is a sign that they need immediate medical attention.

Understanding pet urine home test: Glucose

Understanding the glucose parameter in your pet’s urine home test is extremely important.

Your dog or cat’s urinalysis test results

Understanding your dog or cat’s urinalysis test will give you important information regarding your pet’s health.

Your cat and Lyme disease

Although cats can be exposed to the Lyme disease and can test positive for the disease, they usually do not get sick from it.

2014 Protecting your dog’s and cat’s health by being proactive

Caring pet owners are practicing early detection as the cornerstone in protecting their dog’s and cat’s health.