Dog and Cat Chronic health conditions make your pet susceptible to secondary illnesses

If your dog has a chronic health condition, practicing early detection/preventative health care will alert you to secondary infections or other possible health concerns.

Beware peanut butter containing xylitol for dogs

Some brands of peanut butter contain the sweetener xylitol which is extremely toxic to dogs.

What is the specific gravity reading on your pet’s urine test?

The specific gravity reading on your dog and cat’s urine test is a reflection of the ability of your pet’s kidneys to concentrate urine.
It is very helpful to keep note of this reading over time.

What if you find blood in your dog or cat’s urine?

Any positive result with the blood parameter should be taken serious and further investigation by a veterinarian is needed to determine the cause.

Practicing preventative health for your dogs and cats

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Your dog or cat’s pH

Testing for and recording your dog or cat’s pH value is very helpful in protecting your pet’s good health.