When “head pressing” can be a sign of a serious illness

If you see your dog or cat do this with their head, it is a sign that they need immediate medical attention.

Understanding pet urine home test: Glucose

Understanding the glucose parameter in your pet’s urine home test is extremely important.

Justice for Puppy Doe and all animals

We must work together to speak up again animal abuse. One great site to keep current with issues is The Animal legal Defense Fund.

Pet test strips special offer

Lily&Me, Inc. is offering a temporary special on home tests for your dogs and cats.

Two puppy mill awareness walks coming up in Iowa

Iowa Friends of Companion Animals is sponsoring 2 walks in September to bring more awareness in Iowa of the conditions in puppy mills.

Pet urine test saves lives!

Prevention and early detection of dog and cat pet illnesses saves lives.

White House Comes out Against Dog Breed Bans

White House officially comes out against breed specific legislation.

More warnings about protecting our pets from heat stroke

Cooling a dog off who has suffered heat stroke needs to be done very carefully. This is an extremely dangerous condition.

Home urine test kit with 8 complete tests

Our intention has always been to make the kit as affordable as possible to dog and cat owners. When we were first developing ThePetCheckup kit, we intended to include 6 complete tests in the kit and offer refills in quantities of 6, 12, and 24. We had  a group of business students at Yale run […]

New pet food recalls 2013

FDA site to see latest pet food recall list.