2009 Spay Neuter national day

Well, today is officially National Spay/Neuter Day. This is the first campaign in 5 years that I haven’t worked on and I miss it.

We made it a policy to create February is Spay/Neuter month in Fairfield,IA back in 2002 and the campaigns have been very successful. All the area veterinarians give discounts all month to people who bring in their dogs and cats for fixes during the month. Our CCSNAP program offers more financial assistance when needed as well.

Hopefully, this year will be another great success. I am noticing alot of posters around town of people selling dogs that they have bred. Maybe more than ever because of the economy.

The challenge has always been how to reach the people that are breeding or letting their animals breed, but I feel optimistic as alot of great people have their attention on this problem now.

Maybe 2009 will be the breakthrough year for the animals. I know Chloe and Kate who are fast asleep right now are hoping so.