Lily winters on Coronado Island, CA

Two weeks ago, I visited my sister Bobbie and Lily who were spending the winter on Coronado Island, CA. It was such a fun week. And the weather really cooperated….it was close to 80 degrees everyday.

We walked along the harbor, took yoga classes, rode bikes, and did some fun exploring along the coast.

This is probably the most dog-friendly area I have ever been to. People were continually walking or jogging with their dogs, often 2 or 3 at a time. And they always picked up after them too~everything was so clean.

The only downside was that the navy resides on the north side of the island and they create some unexpected loud noises that totally freaked Lily out. It happened a couple of times and she became too fearful to walk along the harbor.

Bobbie and Lily are now headed back to Cape Cod. I think Lily will be happy to be home again.