Taking your dog to work is a growing trend

I just read a really nice article about the advantages from the employers side of letting people bring their dogs to work.

A recent survey conducted by the American Pet Products Association found that the benefits are quite substantial.

* 66 percent of dog owners said they’d work longer hours if their dogs could join them at work. Almost half would switch jobs, and 44 percent would take a salary cut for the perk.

* Great retention tool. Dog-friendly companies hang onto their employees. Since the vast majority of businesses, especially larger ones, don’t permit pooches, those who land jobs with dog-friendly companies tend to stay on.

* Dogs rarely cause problems at work.

* * Dogs at work are stress-busting team-builders. Petting a dog has been shown to lower blood pressure and reduce stress. When dogs show up at work, they tend to be social lubricants that bring people together and attract lots of pats.

Being on the alert for possible dog urinary tract infection

Reading about urinary tract infections in dogs brought up this simple reminder….if your dog seems to want to go for more walks than usual, it may because he or she needs to pee more often. This can be due to a urinary tract infection brewing. So be aware.

Sometimes people get annoyed with their animals when the reality is that they are trying to tell us something. And that something may be that they are not feeling well.

Dogs with urinary tract infections will feel the need to pee even when their bladder is empty or almost empty.

And always make sure there is sufficient fresh water available. That will help to flush out bacteria.

Dogs forming struvite crystals

For some reason, we have been getting more questions than usual from people who’s dogs have a tendency to form crystals in their urine.

Actually it is fairly common for very tiny (microscopic) crystals to be present in dog and cat’s urine, but since they are flushed out in urination, they pose no health risk.

The problem starts when the stones start attaching themselves to each other and become larger.

Genetics cab play a part. It has been shown that dalmations, hounds, beagles and pugs are more susceptible.

The other 2 most common reasons for formation of crystals are:

1. Bacterial infections: they can cause the urine to be more alkaline which increases the risk of forming struvite crystals

2. Diet: foods high in protein can increase the mineral content in the animal’s urine

People who have dogs and cats with tendencies to form crystals pay close attention to diet and urine pH. Like many illnesses, practicing preventative health care and being pro-active can make a world of difference.

19 year old cat finds his forever home

Wonderful adoption story on the Best Friends website about a FIV cat named Cash that has lived at the sanctuary since he was a small kitten.

Fast forward 19 years and see him in his new home.

He waited a long time to find his person.

You can read his story at www.bestfriends.org

Overweight dogs and cats predisposed to diabetes

Back in Fairfield again after almost 2 months on Cape Cod. The garden is very overgrown and there is lots to do to get the house ready for what the Farmer’s Almanac is predicting will be a very cold winter.

I was happy to see that Chloe and Kate look really great. Chloe has put on a little weight though and that is a concern as she was chubby before I left. Overweight dogs and cats are about 4 times more likely to develop diabetes.

She is coming outside with me when I am weeding and hopefully it will stay warm enough for her to get some more outdoor exercise. She really does like to run. Will also see if I can get the harness on her and try that again. We haven’t been too successful with that in the past, but hopefully she will be more agreeable to it now. I really have to get her weight issue under control in the next few months.