Using dog and cat home urine kit monthly

We got another testimonial today about ThePetCheckup:

“I am so thankful there is a kit like this available for in home use.  I think my baby is ok but at least I can keep him checked from now on.”  KR, Arkansas

As we say in our literature…we hope you never find an imbalance, but if you do, you will be able to get help at an early stage when the treatment is most effective, most simple for your pet, and less expensive for you.  It’s amazing how reassuring it is to have peace of mind.

Easy way to collect urine sample from a cat

One of the questions we get asked frequently is how the heck to collect a urine sample from a cat.  We offer several methods in our ThePetCheckup booklet, but still many cat owners remain skeptical.

However, we recently connected with the nice people at Smart Cat Box (  They have a very easy to use litter box comprised of non-absorbent litter on top of a slotted floor.  When the cat pees, the urine flows through the litter into a removable collection drawer.  So easy!

This is a great way to collect a urine sample when you are doing monthly ThePetCheckup tests.  Just use your dropper to apply the urine to the test pads.  Makes monthly testing of cats so simple.

I also love this system as there are no bags of smelly litter to throw in the trash each day.  I always knew there had to be a better method for the environment than filling landfills with tons of used kitty litter.

Check out their website and see for yourselves!

Beagles released from animal testing laboratory experience freedom

Here is a link to a very sweet video showing 2 Beagles just released from a animal testing laboratory in CA.  You’ll see their first few minutes of fear about walking on grass, but before long, they are running and wagging their tails happily.

Video by Beagle Freedom Project.

Urinary tract disease in cats has similarity to human illness

There is a growing amount of research indicating that lower urinary tract disease in cats and cystitis in people have very similar triggers.

This isn’t really surprising (we are all animals after all!) but the research is interesting.

Stress can be a big trigger ~ a move to a different location, a death in the family, even recent weather changes will create a situation which makes both people and dogs and cats more vulnerable to urinary tract infecions.

You can save your dog or cat’s life with ThePetCheckup

Another nice testimonial from a customer for ThePetCheckup.  It really sums up how helpful this product is:

If you love your pet and want to be pro-active in their health care than this is something that you must have. I have 4 dogs and routinely utilize ThePetCheckup to monitor their urine levels. Since so many diseases can be detected through the urine, ThePetCheckup gives me peace of mind by allowing me to monitor my dogs between routine vet exams. I truly believe by using ThePetCheckup along with routine vet care I am giving my pets the best possible care.”
—Marie, New Jersey

Dog urinary tract infections

I’m always doing research on preventing urinary tract infections in dogs and cats.

Recently I read that certain preservatives in pet food are prone to causing UTI’s.  I’ll do more research and see if I can discover which ones are  the culprits.

Collecting a urine sample from your cat or dog

One of the first things we suggest to our customers regarding collecting a urine sample is to first simply pay attention to your animal’s habits.  With cats expecially, we are so used to giving them their privacy that we might not be aware that they generally have pretty predictable habits regarding using their litter box.

Most cats will migrate to the litter box when the box has been changed or when fresh litter has been added.  Cats love a clean litter box!

Many people, including myself, just cover the top of the litter with a plastic garbage bag.  Your cat may look confused at first, but will step in and feel the litter beneath his paws and do his business.

With ThePetCheckup, you only need a half teaspoon of urine and that can easily be scooped up with the plastic dropper and applied to the test strip.

How at home urine pet tests detects illness

Testing the urine of your dogs and cats at home on a monthly basis between regular veterinary visits enables you to catch illnesses even before symptoms appear.

What this means is:

*Prevention of more serious illness

*Simpler and more effective treatments

*Less expensive treatments

*Less pain and discomfort for your animal

*Peace of mind for you

Practicing preventative health care is one of the most important things you can do for your animals.

At home pet urine test provides early detection

Nearly two-thirds of all cats and dogs will experience a potentially serious illness at some point in their lives.  The key to a happy outcome is often catching the illness at an early stage…before it has progressed.

Using ThePetCheckup on a monthly basis will provide a whole new level of care…catching an illness even before symptoms appear! 

It’s a win-win situation all around…for you, your pet and your veterinarian.

Collecting Urine Sample from your cat

We include methods for the most tried and true ways to collect urine samples from dogs and cats in our ThePetCheckup kit. 

However, the very first thing a person should do is observe their animal’s habits. We generally like to give them their space/privacy, but it is an important piece of information to have.

For example, cats often use the litter box as soon as it is cleaned, or just after adding some new clumping litter.  Put a plastic wastebasket liner over the top of the litter pan and your cat will feel the litter underneath the plastic and generally have no reservations about proceeding.  With a dropper, take the amount you need and just throw the plastic liner away.

ThePetCheckup test is used monthly and only requires about 1/2 teaspoon of urine and your cat will quickly forget that anything unusual just happened.