2013 wish for the animals

We want to send our customers and their extended families our best wishes for this new year.  It is such a privilege to be connected to so many people who cherish their animal companions and take such good care of their health.  We thank everyone who has let us into their lives and let us know how our product is helping their animals to live healthier and happier lives.

We are making some changes/additions to our website and welcome any testimonials and pictures that you would like to share.

It is our wish that 2013 will bring more compassion and respect to the animal kingdom.  We hope to see a significant decrease in the number of homeless pets and stricter laws concerning animal abuse.

Thank you to everyone who is working towards this goal. May you know how important your work is and how very much it is appreciated.



Jane Goodall and shelter dog at Rose Bowl Parade New Years Day

Happy New Year!  With our best wishes to you all for the coming year!  May it be full of wonderful adventures for you and your animal companions.

This is a nice way to start off the new year:

Jane Goodall was chosen to be the Grand Marshall at this year’s Rose Bowl Parade.  She was accompanied by Chuck, a German Shepherd mix dog currently living at Best Friends Animal Society and looking for his forever home.

Also featured was Lucca, also a German Shepherd mix, and a veteran of three deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan.

You can read more about them in this great article from Earth in Transition:



Home urine test for pets 2013 pricing

Pricing for home urine test for dogs and cats includes complete kit and refills.

Robert Cabral endorses home urine test for pets

We received a short and to-the-point testimonial from Robert Cabral this week:

“I LOVE your product.  I recommend it to everyone.”

Robert is the Director of Bound Angels, dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating and finding loving homes for abused, neglected and abandoned animals. He has been called a modern day St. Francis of Assisi and does amazing work transforming dogs with behavioral problems into loving companions.





Laser Therapy Treatment for dogs and cats

Many of us learned about laser therapy treatments from John Unger and his dog Schoep and the beautiful picture of them in Lake Michigan. Schoep is having wonderful results from the treatment and I have been reading more and more articles about how the treatment is helping various conditions.

Schoep, at 19 years old was experiencing severe pain and stiffness from arthritis and aging and the treatments have eased his condition pretty miraculously.

In the November issue of Veterinary Practice News, there is an article on Feline Asthma, Feline Pancreatitis and Feline IBD all helped with laser therapy.

The results are really impressive after just a few treatments in all cases.  The treatments do usually have to be continued on a “maintenance” schedule in most cases.

American Veterinary Association advocates for early detection for pets

“Veterinarians know that early detection allows problems to be treated more easily and more affordably, and usually results in a better outcome for the pet.”
— American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA)

We want to hear from you!

We are in the process of sending out a newsletter to our subscribers early next week.

The manufacturer of our test materials has asked us to find out what other products our customers would be interested in having.  Or any suggestions for changes to the current test strips.

We’re excited to hear from everyone and get their ideas and input.

Chinese Jerky treats update

The US Food and Drug Administration is reporting 2200 cases of dog and cat illness due to jerky treats imported from China.

Of this number 360 dogs and 1 cat died.

FDA reports of illness from these treats go back to 2007.  They are advising people who feed their animals these treats to be aware of symptoms of illness including vomiting, decreased appetite, decreased activity, diarrhea, increased water consumption and to stop feeding the treats if your pet shows these symptoms.

It makes more sense to advise people not to give their pets any treats that were manufactured in China!


Testimony on the importance of practicing preventative healthcare with your pets

Most of our orders are placed online.  Sometimes when a customer calls, they have quite a story to tell.  And sometimes it is heartbreaking.

I remember well the man who told me he had no idea his beloved dog had advanced diabetes until one day she just fell off the couch.  She also become blind quickly and her vision was never restored.  He was so shocked because he had taken her for annual veterinary visits and she had not exhibited any signs of illness before this event.

He understood well the need for practicing preventative care and told me that he wished he had heard of ThePetCheckup earlier.

I do too.  We can’t make any guarantees regarding our product of course, but I know the monthly tests would have picked up imbalances and he would have been able to get his dog medical treatment much earlier in the development of the diabetes.


Early detection for your pets helps veterinarians too

It’s not just animals and people who benefit from practicing methods of early detection.

Veterinarians benefit greatly too!

When you practice early detection and are proactive with your dog or cat’s heathcare, your veterinarian will have the opportunity to treat your dog or cat at an early stage of an illness.  This means in many cases the outcome will be much more successful — easier treatment, less expensive and in many cases a complete cure!