As always, my trip from Fairfield, IA to Boston, MA this past Monday brought back a lot of special memories.

Almost eight years ago, I made this same trip with Lily, a little dog who had lived for over a year at Noahs Ark Animal Foundation in Fairfield. My sister Bobbie adopted Lily and I brought her cross country to start her new life north of Boston.

I think the thing that stays in my mind the most after all this time is the way Lily seemed to know, right from the beginning of our journey, what the word ADOPTED meant. Having started out a very timid dog, she braved car rides, a taxi ride, 2 plane rides and Logan International airport the day before Thanksgiving with an air of determined excitement and a new found confidence. I felt like she would have followed me to the ends of the earth to get to her new home.

Lily now lives permanently on Cape Cod and she could not be happier or more loved. I named my dog and cat health care company, Lily&Me;, Inc. after her and my sister named her computer tutoring company The Lilyweb Group in honor of her remarkable companion.

I have such a deep sense of fulfillment in having been part of the miracle of bringing these two souls together. Some things are just meant to be.