Lily has a visit to the veterinary clinic

My sister’s dog Lily has been under the weather for the past week or so. She doesn’t seem to want to chew any of her regular food although she is scarfing down rice, hamburg and chicken. She also seems lethargic and sad.

We took her to the veterinary clinic and have gotten the results of her blood work back so far. The vet said everything looks pretty normal. The most striking thing is that she has lost 5 pounds since April.

The only thing that was slightly elevated in the blood work was the liver enzyme ALT. Normal is about 1.07 and Lily’s level was 1.54

We are also investigating the possibility of a broken tooth or a problem in her gum or jaw. She will not let us open her mouth which is unusual for her (my sister has been brushing her teeth everyday for quite some time). The weight loss began just after her teeth cleaning in March.

So we are waiting for the urinalysis test results right now and trying to get her more interested in her food.

It is hard to see her not feeling well. I hope we can find the solution to the problem soon.